Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blending at A Gradient

(MAC Soft Brown (pan form) & Urban Decay Naked Palette Naked)
I've been obsessed with makeup ever since I was very young (watching my mom get dolled up) so I know I've had some fair share of mishaps along the way. Tips & techniques I've learned come from a tremendous anount of trial and error, and this trick(?) I'm about to show took me long enough to realize. More often than not (especially clubs & nights out in the town) I see a lot of this going on:
Mostly everyone knows the norm in applying eyeshadow especially smokey eyes: dark on the lid, then highlight on the brow bone. You can admit that there's something odd or different about this picture, such as the lines in between colors are a bit harsh and instead of it looking harmonious, the colors look stacked on. In comes what I like to call the "blending" eyeshadow, typically an eyeshadow that looks very similar to your skin tone applied in between the light and dark colors and blended. When it is blended, the colors appear on a gradient & it is more pleasing to the eye. The two colors that are my HG (holy grail) is MAC's Soft Brown & Urban Decay's Naked.  
The difference between the two: Left eye with MAC soft brown & Right eye without the blending color. Hopefully you can spot the difference! :)
close up of my face with the left eye blended & the right eye on its own.
End result: perfectly easy (on-the-eyes) smokey eye!

Hopefully this trick worked out for you (if you didn't already know, of course). If you have any tips or tricks to share with me, please let me know! P.S. sorry about the lighting in my pictures! my bathroom light is so damn harsh!

Till Next Time! :)

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