Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MAC Lipsticks: Kinda Sexy & Lady Danger

I'm pretty much an organization freak. I truly believe I have a mild case of OCD because if I see something unorganized or a mess, I get really agitated. Ever since I started putting my eyeshadows in palette's I've never looked back. MAC has this awesome program where if you return 6 empty cases of anything MAC, you can get a new lipstick or eyeshadow for free. I've gotten numerous eyeshadows because of this program and while I was cleaning today I realized I have 12 empty cases I completely forgot about. Rushed to the store today and got these two babies:
MAC Kinda Sexy | MAC Lady Dangerous
When i first saw swatches online for MAC Kinda Sexy I wondered if it was a mix between my two favorite nudes: MAC Angel & MAC Honeylove.
MAC Angel | MAC Honeylove | MAC Angel+MAC Honeylove | MAC Kinda Sexy
As you can see, Kinda Sexy is a bit darker and on the beige/browner side. Looking at my lips it also has some peach tones in it. I was little bit sad that it hadn't been a complete dupe of my two favorites but on the bright side, I can conclude that I have 4 new favorite nude lipsticks! :D
(w/ MAC prolong wear concealer to cancel out color on lips & MAC subculture lipliner)
This lipstick is absolutely beautiful for a dark smokey eye! I wasn't able to put a smokey eye on for the picture but for sure next blog post! It is such a pretty color!

Other than Kinda Sexy, I purchased Lady Danger since of course, it was bright/coral. Makeup addicts in general have been raving about this lipstick and I can't believe I just picked this up for the first time! Here are the swatches compared to my other bright coral lipsticks:
MAC Lady Danger | Sula Beauty Awake Till Sunrise | MAC Morange
It seems like orange gets more and more prominent as the lipsticks go from left to right. Lady Danger looks like fire from within, the kind you see while sitting in a circle singing kumbaya. It's dominantly red with orange undertones. Such a beautiful color as well! :D
(w/ MAC prolong wear concealer to cancel out color on lips & MAC cherry lipliner) 
Both of these lipsticks are matte formula, and I've never had a problem with them... but others may. To keep your lips hydrated just add a touch of chapstick/lip balm and if they are flaky, brush your lips softly with a toothbrush to make it smooth. :) 

On another note, I've been reading reviews about MAC strobe cream so I got a few samples from different MAC stores. I'm wearing it on my face in the pictures above and I feel like its making my skin look a bit more radiant and less dull. Nonetheless, it's still my first time trying it so I'm going to keep putting it on my face for a couple weeks to really experience the effect.

Have you ever tried any of these lipsticks? Any great dupes that I should know about? Also, any of you tried MAC strobe cream? I'd love to hear reviews!

Till Next Time! :)


  1. I love the swatches. I was also looking at getting a nude lippie from Mac and just made it alot easier :)

  2. @JoJo: Thanks babe! Kinda Sexy is such a gorgeous color... if you want a cremesheen, you should try Modesty. It's such a gorgeous color too!

  3. May I ask what shade in mac you are? For reference :) Thanks

  4. @jeen: Hi Jeen! I'm shade MACN NC30. Hope that helps and thanks for reading! :)

  5. hi jowee , awesome blog just subscribed for e-mail , jowee can you send a complete list or picture of MAC kinda sexy & if you have MAC russian red ?