Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: N.Y.C. Bronze N' Glow

Randomly decided to go to the $1 store near my apartment. The $1 store always packs a good amount of different things, but I was really surprised to find these two goodies at the makeup section. Highlighters are by far my most favorite part of my makeup collection, because it will always make you look more lively and awake. I went to Las Vegas this past weekend and decided to test out these bad boys. Here's the swatches:
Bronze 'n Glow in Hampton Glow (Top: Packed on / Bottom: Sheered out)
Hampton Glow is my favorite of the two, given that is suits my skin tone more. It does pack on some micro glitters but not enough to make you look like a disco ball. the colors border on champagne/gold and it's very sheer but buildable. I have another creme highlight called Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow in Rose Gold that I bought for $30. Here they are next to each other:
Left: Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow in Rose Gold / Right: NYC Bronze N' Glow in Hampton Glow
 The colors are very dupe-able but with Hampton Glow you can see small flecks of glitter while Rose Gold is sheer. I still prefer Rose Gold, but Hampton Glow is still quite a steal for only $1.
Bronze 'n Glow in Fire Island Glow (Top: Packed on / Bottom: Sheered out)
 Fire Island glow is more of a bronze and on the brown side. It gives the perfect "sunkissed glow" and I can imagine looking like you just spent the whole day relaxing on the beach. I'm assuming for ladies with a darker skin tone, this will look like a brighter highlight as what Hampton Glow provided for my skin.

Hopefully next time you find yourself at the $1 store, don't forget to check out the makeup section! Makeup doesn't have to be super high end to look absolutely gorgeous on skin and these two N.Y.C highlighters are proof of it.
  The only picture I can find from this past weekend in Vegas with Hampton Glow very prominent in the picture. (put on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose)

Till Next Time! :)

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