Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Revlon Lipsticks in Berry Haute & Kiss Me Coral

My range of lipsticks just keep getting bigger and bigger. I seriously have to re-organize my makeup stash because it's growing exponentially. Anyway, there's something about Target that people find to be some sort of black hole (in a good way) because you always go there to get one thing and you come out with 10 different things. Hence, my lippie purchases today.
Revlon Berry Haute | Revlon Kiss Me Coral
These revlon lipsticks are very creamy, smooth, pigmented & lasts me about 4 hours wear time. It does take a couple swipes on the lipstick to get opaque but nonetheless it's very moisturizing on the lips.
This color (along with the other one I purchased) are not for the faint hearted. This color is matte and reminds me of lilac's in full bloom, so purple lovers rejoice! It is widely received as a dupe for MAC's Up the Amp. This lipstick has blue undertones, so it makes your teeth look whiter. This lipstick goes well with a neutral look, allowing your lips to be the focal point.
Let me tell you, I love me a good coral! Coral is universally flattering but it is absolutely wonderful with olive/warm skin tones. This is a vivacious red/orange based coral and it wears warm on my lips. Just like the previous lipstick this is a matte shade (despite it looking like there's glitters on the pictures) and is very creamy and hydrating. I can imagine this color being very great for anything pin-up, and if you're looking for a 50's look this would work as well. love love love!!

These lipsticks were around $5.49 at the local target -- so if you're looking for some great lippies with a great price, GO now!!! :)

Till Next Time! :)