Monday, August 22, 2011

Small MAC Pigment Haul + Bright Lip Mix of the Day

Every paycheck I get really excited when more money is in my bank then it suddenly slips away from all the shopping. The MF (manfriend) thinks I have a major problem, and I'm starting to believe that I really do :p Is anyone else in this situation? Anyway, to satisfy my spending problem I recently made 4 online purchases (3 make-up & 1 clothing). The first package came today and it was my small haul of sample MAC & Ben Nye pigments! :)
I purchased 5 MAC & 2 Ben Nye pigment samples. Samples are usually a great way to try different products, especially pigments since a full jar goes around $20. The site that I purchased these samples from are $3.99 each, and according to their website "1/4 teaspoon of authentic MAC pigment in clear, screw-top jar with printed label."
It doesn't look like much but you only need a dab from the brush for every eyeshadow application. The colors are extremely vibrant and can be applied either wet or dry. If you're a little bit vexed by the meaning of "wet," it is the term called "foiling" where you wet your brush first with a mixing medium (water/ MAC fix +/ eyedrops) before you touch the eyeshadow. It allows your eyeshadows to be much more pigmented and vibrant.
Pigments are on top of  MAC painterly paint pot (eyeshadow primer)
Description of colors, clockwise (from first picture) & left to right (same order)
MAC Pigment Golden Olive
MAC Pigment Blue Brown
MAC Pigment Old Gold
Ben Nye Peacock
MAC Pigment Platinum
MAC Pigment Antique Green
Ben Nye Pigment Royal Purple
Also, we had a family reunion yesterday and I randomly came up with this lovely concoction from these two lip tars:
OCC Lip Tars in NSFW & Grandma
 Mix: 1 drop NSFW & 2 drops Grandma = perfect daytime pink!

If you want to purchase these pigments and see the rest of the colors they have, click this link:


Till Next Time! :)

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