Monday, August 29, 2011

Sula Beauty Lipstick in Awake Til Sunrise

Had some free time on my hands this past week so I went to Ulta to check out some makeup (as usual). I didn't have a specific item on my mind... I just wanted to browse around. Let me tell you, browsing around = DANGEROUS. I'm not going into detail how much I spent but my most awesome find has got to be this lipstick from a random brand I've never heard before called Sula Beauty.
Awake Till Sunrise can be described as a vibrant orange with red undertones. If you know me, I'm a sucker for anything bright & coral... and this lipstick completely satisfies my needs. :P It doesn't contain any shimmer and is surprisingly very opaque. One swipe of it on your lips gives a very vibrant sheen & it is very moisturizing on the lips considering it is matte. Wear time is about 4-5 hours & I picked this baby up for only $8. Suffice to say, I'm super duper happy with this purchase!
(BTW, sorry for the blurry picture... could not get my damn camera to focus!)

MAC Morange|Sula Awake Till Sunrise|Revlon Kiss Me Coral
Compared to the two other lipstick swatches, Awake Till Sunrise has more red undertones than Mac Morange, while Kiss Me Coral has more of a burnt undertone to it & is a little bit more demure. Morange is a true orange compared to the other two & Awake Till Sunrise seems to be the most opaque of the three (all three are swiped 3 times on my arm).

If you're ever in Ulta just perusing around, don't forget to check out this lipstick from Sula Beauty! :)

Till Next Time! :)

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