Monday, September 12, 2011

MAKEUP 101: Tips & Techniques in Eyeshadow Application

I've had many years in eyeshadow application and more often than not it ended badly. I remember back in the day when neon orange and aqua was my thing...together. Anyway, through my makeup journey here are a handful of tips that may be useful for eyeshadow application:

HOW TO: Make your eyeshadow color more vibrant:
The reason why many people love a certain brand of eyeshadow is because of how well and vibrant it looks when applied. pigmentation = happiness. There are some eyeshadow's that don't have the biggest color payoff but hopefully this next trick/technique can help you out with that problem.
  • Applying eyeshadow wet: Also known as foiling, your eyeshadows become more vibrant when applied with a liquid medium. Examples for a liquid medium are water, Visine eyedrops, MAC Fix + & MAC mixing medium (water based) - among many others.
MAC FIX + | MAC Mixing Medium (water based)
MAC Midnight Night applied: DRY | w/ MAC FIX +

HOW TO: Make your eyeshadow color MORE vibrant & LAST long:
Just like painting a house, you add a primer first to the wall before the actual color. Same goes for makeup, especially for eyeshadows. There are many different primers in the market that many people swear by, and it is a MUST HAVE in your makeup stash.
  • Applying eyeshadow w/ a primer: A primer is a must in a makeup arsenal because it allows your eyeshadows & pigments have a base to stick on to. Having a primer(base) allows your eyeshadows to stay put and not crease for an extended amount of time. Some examples of primers that I SWEAR by are MAC paint pots & Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). There are many other primers in the market such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance, ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, & Vaseline (a really small amount) among many others. MAC Painterly Paint Pot is a favorite of mine just because it matches my skin tone PERFECTLY and gives my eyes a nude base.
Clockwise from top : MAC Painterly Paint Pot (LOVE!!!) | MAC Blackground Paint Pot | UDPP
MAC Push the Edge applied: DRY | MAC Painterly | Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)

HOW TO: Make your eyeshadow color MORE vibrant, LAST long & STRONGER.
To define STRONGER, it means that the color becomes more prominent & all the minerals infused with that certain eyeshadow completely shows up. 
  • Applying eyeshadow with different colored primers: UDPP & MAC painterly paint pot make the eyeshadows more vibrant and long wearing, but when primers are combined with a creme eyeshadow, colored eyeshadow pencil or ANOTHER colored primer,(on TOP of your UDPP or paint pot) the eyeshadow color becomes more stronger. For example, if you have an aqua eyeshadow & you put a creme eyeshadow/colored pencil/colored primer that is BLUE, the color becomes stronger & more vibrant.
Creme liners/eyeshadows: NYX JUMBO PENCILS
Ben Nye Peacock Applied Over: Dry | MAC Painterly Paint Pot | NYX Jumbo Pencil Blue

ROUND UP:  Hopefully what I wrote today was helpful in your next eyeshadow application. Last but not least, here are swatches side by side & their respective staying power:
TKB Smokey XXX Applied over: DRY | MAC Fix + | MAC Painterly Paint Pot | NYX Purple
Same color & order heavily swiped off w/ my finger
Same color & order washed off with water

Yay! Sorry this post was long! I just wanted to give you guys some tips & tricks I've learned along the way. Obviously there are more than what I have posted here... so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I hope you found this beneficial! :)

Till Next Time! :)


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