Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pigment Haul Part 1: TKB Trading (picture heavy)

I recently came across a website called TKB Trading, where they sale pigments, micas & accessories that contribute to make a mineral eyeshadow. Many companies have been known to buy TKB micas then repackaging them as a unique finished eyeshadow. I went a little crazy for these pigments because of how cheap the samples are. Each TKB sample is usually a tablespoon unless stated otherwise and only goes for $1.50. I KNOW RIGHT?!

Just to preface before I post pictures, these are MICA's and ARE an unfinished product. Mica's provide the color & pigment, and adding different ingredients make these powders stick like regular eyeshadows. Fortunately, there are many different eyeshadow primers & application techniques in the market that makes these babies adhere easily by itself. (I will show different tips & techniques in the next blog post :])
This is the packaging that it came in. They are given in baggies, depending on the size that you get. I ordered 15 pigment samples, 1 pigment ounce & 2 free samples for less than $40. On the baggies the labels are very clear & informative, displaying if the pigment is eye/lip/nail safe.
SIZES: Sample size | Sample Size in my container (w/ A LOT left over) | 1 ounce ($4.00)

Let's get on with the colors I purchased! :D
L-R: Swiss Chocolate | Antique Gold | Blackstar Gold | Cyprus Green
Swiss Chocolate: Beautiful dark brown/maroon color with barely there flecks of gold
Antique Gold: Mix of gold and olive green
Blackstar Gold: Mix of gold and black that turns into a caramel like brown
Cyprus Green: Does this remind you of the movie Ferngully? I don't even know how to describe this... so gorgeous!
L-R: Saggitaire | Taurus Orion | Crucible Khaki | Antique Silver
Saggitaire: blue based purple that reminds me of MAC Parfait Amour
Taurus Orion: Yellow-based green that looks so great with brown eyes
Crucible Khaki: One of the brighter golds and definitely my favorite one
Antique Silver: Cool grey with blue undertones
L-R: Black | Smokey XXX | Breath of Spring | Chamoisee
Black: Matte Dark Black
Smokey XXX: It doesn't show in the picture too well, but it contains various colors of purple, plum, silver, cranberry & brown - weird right? but this picture does NOT do this wonderful color justice.
Breath of Spring: Mint green color - reminds me of Easter... and now I really want my favorite mint ice cream. :(
Chamoisee: Dark silver with hints of brown
L-R: Black Amethyst | Blackstar Blue | Blackstar Green
Black Amethyst: Dark purple with hints of brown & nearly invisible gold flecks
Blackstar Blue: I shit you not, I was drinking water and I nearly spilled it when I swatched this color. IT IS SO DAMN GORGEOUS. I even ran out of the room calling my MF (manfriend) and telling him how beautiful this color is. LE SIGH!
Blackstar Green: Also so beautiful, Dark forest green with hints of teal, gunmetal & black.
L-R: Passion Orange* | Angel Wings* | Verdigris Gold
*Samples given to me for free :D
Passion Orange: Yellow/Caramel/Orange. Cactus Cooler anyone?
Angel Wings: the camera washed it out because this is actually a light baby pink. The kind that parents paint their wall when a new baby girl is born. :p
Verdigris Gold: this is similar to antique gold, but instead the green is more prominent. I actually bought 1oz of this one for God knows what reason, so I doubt I will ever run out of this color :p

WOO! Are you tired of scrolling and reading yet? This post was so long BUT it has so many gorgeous colors! I don't regret buying any of these and I actually put a new order in just a few hours ago =x. It's very hard to hate any of these because it is so cheap. Even if you hate a color, you can mix with the other ones and make your own! There are so many possibilities. In the end, the colors are just as beautiful, or maybe even more than pigments from high end brands. Lastly, here's a picture of the container where I put my pigments! The organized obsessed and neat freaks are going to love this one! :)
I bought this baby at Michael's in the bead section for $9.99. It holds 24 different pigments, and it can be stacked nicely in your makeup drawer (in my case, closet).

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Till Next Time! :)


  1. Beautiful colors......Wow do not let me loose or I will be playing with all of them like a little girl.

  2. I know they're so gorgeous!! you should grab some as they are SO CHEAP! :) Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog and comment :)