Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pigment Haul Part II: TKB Trading (ll)

I love getting new packages! It always feels like Christmas :) I received my second TKB Trading package yesterday and I just wanted to show all of you all the beautiful colors. To check out my first TKB haul, click HERE.
L-R Chameleon Fine | Grape Parfait | Athena | Australian Amber
Chameleon Fine: Dark brown pigment with blue sparkles. This color seriously reminds me of MAC Blue Brown. 
Grape Parfait: Blue based purple
Athena:  A mix colors of beige and champagne - such a gorgeous color. I imagine this being really beautiful for a wedding. Also, for darker skinned tones this would be a gorgeous highlight.
Australian Amber: Mix of caramel & bronze.
L-R: Patagonia Purple | Artisan Coral | Umber | Blackstar Red
Patagonia Purple: Medium toned blue based purple
Artisan Coral: mix of champagne and coral - So beautiful for a highlight as well
Umber: Orange, red & bronze mix
Blackstar Red: Mix of black, purple & dark silver
L-R: Forged Gold | Capricorn Sea
Forged Gold: Bright Gold
Capricorn Sea: SUCH A GORGEOUS COLOR! looks just like the ocean accompanied with white sandy beaches. LOVE!!!

It isn't as much as the first haul but nonetheless these colors are gorgeous! I'm thinking of making my 3rd purchase in the near future :p I'm so addicted to these babies! To purchase these pigments go here:


Until Next Time! :)


  1. so happy to have bumped into your blog ! You know I love TKB and how inexpensive and great quality their products are ......
    Love the makeup looks you have such flirty looking eyes.... too cool...following ya

    I invite you to check my blog follow me?

  2. TKB IS SO WONDERFUL! Thank you for the compliment and taking the time to comment :) What are some of your fave colors from TKB?

  3. EXCITING! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. @Hailey: Thanks babe! and thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  5. Until now, I did not know real pure colors were available for the general audience. The sample size equals 1 tablespoon, but how much content is 1 tablespoon really? I mean in weight. Is it equivalent to a MAC pigment jar (4.5 grams)? and Can I use this micas on the eyes directly? Is it safe? or do I need additives?