Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Occ Lip Tar in Harlot

This blog is definitely new but to anyone who's been reading since the beginning you all know that I am IN LOVE with red lipsticks. There hasn't been a red lipstick that I didn't love, and even if it didn't match my skin tone or made me look deathly ill, I would still try to rock it.

OCC lip tars are by far my most favorite lip products because of their staying power, pigmentation & consistency. Not to mention that they look like lip glosses when first seen, then when put on the lips they dry to a nice satin finish. It is most especially wonderful for makeup artists that love to mix because lip tars are meant to be combined with different colors to produce a new one.

Harlot is no ordinary lip tar, it is very bright with hints of pink & coral and it somehow has small traces of orange on me. It seriously isn't for the faint of heart and it is a very look-at-me color.

OCC Liptar in Harlot | OCC Liptar in NSFW

Check out the OCC Liptar website to check out all the different colors. :D

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