Sunday, November 20, 2011


Man, I haven't updated in SO LONG! Apologies to anyone who reads this blog and has been wondering where I went. I'm not even going to sugar coat it and come up with reasons as to why I went on hiatus... except that ever since I started my makeup gigs on the side (apart from my 9-5), I've been extremely tired and all I wanted to do on my downtime is sleep. But anyway, I'm done with going through the long hiatus and hopefully I'll be on track with doing my first love: blogging! ESPECIALLY about makeup! :)

For the past couple (?) weeks, this is the first time I found the opportunity to breathe. So to kickstart this blog back into gear, here's a few things I did makeup wise for the past days I've been absent in the blogging world:
  • FINALLY received my makeup certificate! I'm officially a professional makeup artist!
  • FINALLY ordered the well received MUFE Flash palette and I'm so in love!
  • Had about 5+ gigs over the past weeks from a documentary, to a fashion show, to various photo shoots.
  • purchased B2M lipsticks: Crosswires & Up the Amp
  • Currently searching for a makeup traincase at a decent price (anyone who has suggestions please let me know)
  • In the process of taking an FX course, so I can make fake scars, bruises, stab wounds, fake blood -- so excited!
  • have been obsessed with FULL eyebrows
  • my MAC PRO card is currently on it's way to me... yay to 40% off! :)

Here are some pictures taken from the past few weeks (sorry for the ugly images, these were mostly taken with my iPhone):

Had a wonderful opportunity to do makeup for a documentary about an upcoming R&B artist (lady in the picture is her cousin).

did makeup for a fashion show for Dani G Clothing for LA/OC Fashion Art Night out.

Had a studio photoshoot in Fountain Valley w/ 3 wonderful models. This specific girl looks like the complete carbon copy of Uma Thurman. So gorgeous!

Behind the scenes w/ our other gorgeous model (she wanted glamorous pictures/headshots for her future career in the entertainment industry)

Another model, very statuesque and beautiful. Our first look with her she had a clean face and black lipstick. This look is more for a night out. I will post pictures of this shoot when the pics are available.

One of my favorite reds: MAC Ruby Woo lipstick!

Recently my go-to for a nude lip: MAC lipstick in Modesty

Purchased MAC Spiked eyebrow pencil & it has CHANGED my life! I know some people oppose eyebrow pencils, but if it's dealt with a light hand it can look completely natural. (MAC Up the Amp is on my lips) -- Ladies, never over pluck your eyebrows!

Again, so sorry for being on hiatus... this won't happen ever again! Promise! :)

Until Next Time! :)

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