Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MAC Lipstick in Crosswires

There's really a lot of different lipsticks in MAC that don't get too much love, probably because of the different hype (albeit, worth it) that other lipsticks get. MAC Crosswires is definitely a lipstick that people don't talk about too often. I would know this because it wasn't until recently that I found out about this lipstick... and that's because I stayed at the MAC counter for over 30 minutes swatching every single lipstick for my B2M. Is that sad? does anyone else know my pain?

Anyway, from my opinion, MAC Crosswires is a really pretty pinky-coral and what I would call "the shy girl's bright lipstick." I say this because it's not an overly dramatic shade but just enough to give that pop of color when you need it. For my skin tone it works very well... and it has become on the top of my list as my favorite coral. It is a cremesheen which is ALSO my favorite type of MAC lipstick because it's not very drying, glides on smooth, very opaque and has a small glisten to it.

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