Weekend in Makeup: 12/14/12-12/16/12

I realize my weekend in makeup posts aren't quite consistent.. but I still love making these blog entries! I suffered from lady problems* and the flu earlier in the week but still managed to spend some time with great friends! Some of the makeup/products I used this weekend:


Weekend in Makeup: 11/16/12-11/18/12

I haven't done one of these in a while! This past weekend I just hung out with great friends over a movie, dinner, music and some night caps. Some of the makeup/products I used this weekend:


Quick Tip: How to make your lashes appear fuller w/ tightlining

This is a very simple trick to make your lashes appear fuller and thicker. As you can see I have VERY sparse & thin lashes. Some of the ways I use for an appearance of thicker lashes are loading them with mascara, adding false lashes and/or this simple and quick technique.


Simple Brown/Antique Gold Smokey Eye | Makeup Play

Dew(y) Me | Makeup Play

Recent Work - Still Images

Hi everyone! Just wanted to post some recent still shots from various photo shoots:

Photographer: Judy Wang

She's Alive! | Makeup Play

She's Alive! I'm Alive! It seriously has been over 10 months since my last blog post and not sure what explanation I could say for my absence? Well, it wasn't really an absence because I hadn't blogged much in the first place... but anyway! I'm back! hopefully for good!

I've recently moved in to a new place and I'm having trouble finding the perfect lighting. You can imagine how weird I look trying to take pictures everywhere. My neighbors are probably judging me. Anyway, to kick start my comeback I've got a couple FOTD's (Face of the Day) or is it FOTN's (Face of the Night)? 

P.S: Please excuse the lighting if it looks awful... Still trying to perfect it!


Bad to the Bronze | Makeup Play

Dark Jive | Makeup Play

A few of the group got together for some (drunk) karaoke last Friday night. I don't think you can find very many karaoke places that allow you to bring your own food and alcohol...so i'm thankful this one did. Let's just say that we sang the likes of Gloria Gaynor, Boyz II Men, & Journey :) Here's the simple smokey eye I came up with:

Lip Series lll

So, i'm going to let you guys know that I missed 2 days... but I have a great excuse! I got horribly sick :( Anyway, here's the lip products that I used the past days I've missed:


Lip Series ll

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I went to a shooting range on Saturday and it was VERY EMPOWERING. Do you think it's a foreshadowing of some sort about my personality? :p Anyway, here's the lip products that I used the past 5 days I've missed:


Lip Series l

Hi everyone! As promised in my previous post, here's the first 4 days of lip pictures starting the new year:

New Year's Eve + Updates | Makeup Play

Happy New Year everyone! How was your new year? As for me, I went on a suicide mission with the boyfriend and best friend and took a 12 hour trip to Las Vegas. It was... an experience. I don't think I'll ever do that again just for the fact of how chaotic it was, but it was definitely a story to tell.

To be honest w/ you, I was suffering from a hangover because of the night before so I couldn't do anything too drastic with my makeup. I decided to do my makeup on the plane so this look took 10-15 minutes & is extremely easy to replicate. Let me tell you - the turbulence, small mirror & lack of good lighting did NOT make this look easy to do :p