Weekend in Makeup: 11/16/12-11/18/12

I haven't done one of these in a while! This past weekend I just hung out with great friends over a movie, dinner, music and some night caps. Some of the makeup/products I used this weekend:


Quick Tip: How to make your lashes appear fuller w/ tightlining

This is a very simple trick to make your lashes appear fuller and thicker. As you can see I have VERY sparse & thin lashes. Some of the ways I use for an appearance of thicker lashes are loading them with mascara, adding false lashes and/or this simple and quick technique.


Simple Brown/Antique Gold Smokey Eye | Makeup Play

Dew(y) Me | Makeup Play

Recent Work - Still Images

Hi everyone! Just wanted to post some recent still shots from various photo shoots:

Photographer: Judy Wang

She's Alive! | Makeup Play

She's Alive! I'm Alive! It seriously has been over 10 months since my last blog post and not sure what explanation I could say for my absence? Well, it wasn't really an absence because I hadn't blogged much in the first place... but anyway! I'm back! hopefully for good!

I've recently moved in to a new place and I'm having trouble finding the perfect lighting. You can imagine how weird I look trying to take pictures everywhere. My neighbors are probably judging me. Anyway, to kick start my comeback I've got a couple FOTD's (Face of the Day) or is it FOTN's (Face of the Night)? 

P.S: Please excuse the lighting if it looks awful... Still trying to perfect it!