Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MAC Lipstick in Violetta

MAC Violetta (w/ flash)

MAC Violetta is one of the MAC lipsticks I've recently purchased and fell completely in love with. As I grow older, my love for bright eyeshadows are diminishing - not because I feel like I can't pull it off, but because I find it jarring, personally, for myself if I'm wearing too many bright colors. Lipsticks will always be an exception and I will always try to rock any color not matter the time, season or place.

(w/o flash)
swatch (w/o flash)

Violetta is a bright violet-purple with tiny flecks of blue shimmer and a hint of a red undertone. It isn't for the faint-hearted and I love to wear this lipstick w/ a barely there face so it stays the main focus. It also has an amplified finish meaning it is very opaque with one swipe. This lipstick for me was not at all drying (in comparison to Ruby Woo - the DRIEST lipstick you can get) and it wore on me for 3-4 hours w/ drinking and eating.

(w/o flash)

In this picture I lightly added a brown cream eyeshadow, but it's faint enough to keep the focus on the lips. Bear in mind, you might not have heard of Violetta because it WAS a PRO only (available ONLY to individuals who have the PRO card) color, but recently MAC started selling them on their website to the general public. MAC, if I'm not mistaken has three different levels of stores: MAC at the Macy's counter, free standing stores, and PRO stores. You still can't buy this lipstick at MAC at Macy's or any free standing stores, but it is available for grabs at MAC PRO Stores & the MAC Cosmetics website.

Do you have this lipstick? Suggestions on how to wear this beauty is always welcome!

Until Next Time! :)

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