Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small MAC & Ulta Haul

I purchased a few things this past week just because. I have a lot of just because moments and I admit, it is not at all healthy given my state of makeup obsession. To my credit I've been meaning to get these lipsticks for a while... the brushes I did need back up's for miscellaneous gigs, I had a MAC gift card AND the brushes were BOGO :p Whatever makes me sleep at night, right?

MAC Russian Red, NYX Alabama, MAC Diva

Swatches: MAC Russian Red, NYX Alabama, MAC Diva

Obviously I've been having an affinity for reds, given that I just reviewed Revlon Black Cherry and earlier I had an FOTD w/ MAC Prince Noir & MAC Media. I wanted a bright statement red such as MAC Russian Red. I already have MAC Ruby Woo which many people compare to each other, but Ruby Woo is so so so drying on the lips (albeit, beautiful), while Russian Red seems to glide a little bit better and leans more neutral. NYX Alabama was a color I just found on a whim at Ulta and I was drawn to it's wine/brown undertones a'la Revlon Black Cherry...maybe I should compare these two? MAC Diva is such a statement color with it's dark red and plum colors I couldn't resist...I wonder if this will become my new "power" lip? Hopefully I'll be having FOTD's and swatches for these beautiful colors soon... There's no such thing as too many red lipsticks! ;)

I looooove Real Techniques brushes. They are currently BOGO 50% off (Buy One Get One 50%) at Ulta until Saturday. They are extremely soft and great brushes for a very affordable price(both $8.99). The brush on the left is the Blush Brush and I have two other backups currently in my stash. I wouldn't consider it as a very dense brush, so it deposits just the right amount of color for the cheeks. I also use it as an all over face brush w/ my setting powder...It's very versatile. The brush on the right is their Expert Face Brush and this is my first time buying it. I believe its main task is for foundation but since it's very densely packed and rounded, I could see this brush working beautifully for contour on the cheekbones as well. I'm a big believer in highlighting and contouring or what I like to call "temporary surgery" so hopefully this holds up well... I'll try and review these two as soon as I can.

Until Next Time! :)

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