Heyyooooooo!! I'm back from the dead -- as I always say every time I write a new post. Guys, let's talk about selfies. Now, I have an instagram and about 1/4 of my daily life is spent on it looking at -- you guessed it: makeup, women wearing makeup, men wearing makeup, babies wearing makeup... even animals wearing makeup. Even though I do love looking at makeup ESPECIALLY how it looks with different people, I can't get myself to muster up the courage to post pictures of myself for all the world (world? not really, i don't have very many followers) to see, let alone wanting to shoot myself thinking about if anyone is ever going to 'like' it.

That's why I think it's great that I have this semi-if-i'm-not-lazy-to-update (but I still love!) blog, and some people who still happen to look/read/enjoy my posts, can get a kick out of the stuff I'm wearing with these selfies. It's a win/win situation, I don't get pressure from the dreaded 'likes', not really wondering who thinks I'm stuck up (but really, who the hell cares?) and it goes into a more personal journal/blog instead of Instagram. I have a few selfies that I take in the comfort of my own iPhone 5 (anddd in private), so the quality isn't that great... but I figured almost one thing in my selfie picture pops out, so I'll share with you what I was wearing that day. Now on to business!