February 2014 Beauty Favorites

I've had this blog since 2011 and even though I'm really horrible in updating it, I've never had a favorites post! Yay! hopefully this will be one of many more to come :D

Tips/Tricks to Look Alive When You're Sick | HOW TO

Hello loves! I know, scary right? I've been super sick this week and I'm finally starting to feel better... but obviously my face isn't :p. I decided to make a super quick post on a few tips/ tricks I do to go from looking like this...


My Valentine's Day Makeup Look | Makeup Play

Hi darlings! I know this is super late but I wanted to show you guys the look I wore last Friday for Valentine's day.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter in Pearl | Review & Swatches

Oh My God. Ladies. THIS IS MY JAM. This is my savior, my holy grail, my favorite product in the whole wide world. This is the one item I can rely on that makes me look like I took a quick dip into the Fountain of Youth. I am not kidding. THIS IS MY JAM. 

NEW Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color | Review & Swatches

Ola beauties! I've been scouring all the drugstores lately looking for all the new Milani makeup products. They came out with so many new items and to be honest, I went a little crazy...but so worth it. These babies are so intense and pigmented! Each lip only had one swipe and are very very bold. They are perfect for the Spring & Summer!


Weekend in Makeup: 2/7/14-2/9/14

Hello Beauties! It feels like it's been a while since I last posted something ESPECIALLY since I promised myself that I would post 3-4 times a week...and I have a very good reason why: I hate my lighting. I've been trying to construct, deconstruct and shift things around to make my lighting look less orange (even with daylight bulbs!) but I think because of how my room is lofted and there's different types of lighting coming from downstairs, the hallway, and upstairs it's just screwing up with everything. ANYWAY, sorry for rambling... I'm getting a new light soon that will hopefully help and make me and the products that I show look less oompa loompa and more natural. Onward to the pictures!


Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet | Review & Swatches

How gloomy is our usual sunny Southern California right now? Let's kick it up a notch shall we? There's no better time to introduce to you a beautiful, long wearing pink liquid lipstick that will brighten any mood!


Five Product Favorites in One Makeup Look

I have an abundance of makeup that I love and play with it whenever I have the time (who are we kidding? I always make time) but there are only a few that I stand by through and through. Although I might buy more products within the same category and dabble a little here and there in other things, I always come back to "old faithful." If I ever blog about my makeup stash, take a good look at the products with worn in containers, dirty fingerprints and broken makeup caps... it's these makeup products.

As I grow older I become more loyal to products that I can use a multitude of ways, nothing too loud or jarring, nothing too complex. Akin to a crisp white button down or a nice pair of jeans, it will always remain in style and in rotation.


Weekend in Makeup: 1/24/14-1/26/14

HAPPPPPPPY MONDAY! I know it's Monday so you can look at today with two options: "Crap, I miss the weekend," or "YAY! A fresh start!" I'm trying really hard to get into the latter one because this weekend was pretty eventful! Some makeup-y things I managed to do over the weekend:
Did a baby haul at CVS. Trying out these individual falsies, L'Oreal's Miracle Blur primer & restocked on the best lash glue in the whole entire world (better than DUO!) on Friday...


"Can Do This With My Eyes Closed" Go To Glam Look | Makeup Play

FIRST, please excuse the background. After I took these pictures I couldn't believe how ugly it was from the clothes on the floor next to the mirror in addition to the pillows on the floor. Why is everything on the floor? Please be patient with me while I come up with a new and prettier background.

Obviously this is a glam look but you can't really get the "feel" of it because 1.) it's daylight, and 2.) I would not be able to get the sultry & sexy feel without any awesome filters and that is the #1 no-no in any of the photos on my blog: photoshop.


Weekend in Makeup 1/17/14-1/19/14

I know I've made this series a long time ago and I know I've failed MISERABLY updating every month. Since I promised myself that I'll be more diligent in updating my blog, this time around I'll be much better...I promise! By the way, can you guys believe that my last Weekend in Makeup was over a year ago? :(

Drab to Fab with only 5 makeup products | HOW TO

I see makeup as an escape but for the most part I'm bare faced more days in the week than not. I have no problem going to the mall or doing errands without makeup and will probably continue to do so for the rest of my life. I can chuck it up to probably part being lazy & part loving sleep more than anything, but there are days when I tell myself "ok, gotta look presentable today."


Romantic, Soft & Smokey - Naked 3 Palette Look + Update | Makeup Play

I'm REALLY late on the train but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your New Year was filled with a lot of love, happiness & positive change. Aside from the numerous "New Year's Resolutions" that I told myself I'd do, one of them was to become more proactive in updating this blog and hopefully one day -- maybe shoot some videos? I always make New Year's Resolutions that ultimately brings me happiness or something positive and we all know, makeup makes me happy. ;D