Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Upside Down Smokey Eye | HOW TO

Hooded Eye Girls/Boys rejoice! In my last post I had expressed towards the end that having hooded eyes AND having it uneven has been a struggle when it comes to wanting to make pretty eye looks but the end result isn't as I had imagined.

Since everyone has a lower lash line, this quick and easy makeup trick can make you look sexy and sultry in a pinch. It's one of my favorite looks too because you can use any eyeshadow color and it can be as simple or as dramatic as you want it to be.

Some key things in an Upside Down Smokey Eye:

  • Basically everything is reversed, so the top/upper eyelid is very simple, usually just a wash of color and maybe a little definition in the crease. With this look I used a combination of Buzz and Dust (Naked 3 palette) over my entire lid and a wash of Naked (Naked 1 palette) in my crease while the lower lash line is severely smoked out.
  • Pick an eyeliner color of your choice making sure to concentrate it on the waterline and lower lash line. I would go for pencil or gel eyeliner just because it's easier to blend out and liquid eyeliner may not budge at all.
  • Blend the eyeliner with a pencil or smudge brush with an eyeshadow color of your choice -- I would choose a color that's nearly the same as the eyeliner or anything within the same color family...but to each their own! 
  • Keep blending and blending, when you think you've blended enough...blend some more. Make sure though to keep the color on the lower lash line and waterline strong.
  • Make sure that you took the necessary steps to conceal and brighten your under eye area so it looks like you don't have a black eye.
  • For me personally, I usually keep the other areas of my face fairly nude and simple (lips & cheeks) and the same goes for here too...but again, to each their own (a dark red lip I think would actually look great with this).
  • I wanted to keep mine fairly simple here but false lashes would be great to open up your eyes!
  • Play around with different colors! Purple & Cranberry would look great with any eye color!
  • Have fun with it!

Obviously this might not be everyone's cup of tea because when done wrong it can borderline look like a black eye but make up is fun and you should try it! It's seriously a sexy and sultry look and so easy to do! Just remember to keep blending! Hope this helps!

Until Next Time! :)

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