Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend in Makeup 1/17/14-1/19/14

I know I've made this series a long time ago and I know I've failed MISERABLY updating every month. Since I promised myself that I'll be more diligent in updating my blog, this time around I'll be much better...I promise! By the way, can you guys believe that my last Weekend in Makeup was over a year ago? :(

 Went to Downtown Disney with the boyfriend on Friday wearing this "glowy" makeup look. I tried making a new post about it but I failed horribly. I would have had to douse water on myself for the camera to catch just how "glowy" it was.

Wore my go-to glam look to my best friends dirty 30 on Saturday...

& became severely frustrated over another blog post on Sunday. 

Until Next Time! :)

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