Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend in Makeup: 1/24/14-1/26/14

HAPPPPPPPY MONDAY! I know it's Monday so you can look at today with two options: "Crap, I miss the weekend," or "YAY! A fresh start!" I'm trying really hard to get into the latter one because this weekend was pretty eventful! Some makeup-y things I managed to do over the weekend:
Did a baby haul at CVS. Trying out these individual falsies, L'Oreal's Miracle Blur primer & restocked on the best lash glue in the whole entire world (better than DUO!) on Friday...

Finally organized my lipsticks on Saturday w/ a 60 slot lipstick case, freaked out because I didn't know that I had this much lipstick, ONLY to find out that it's actually a 70 slot case... this doesn't even include everything. I have problems.

... & went to Disneyland w/ the boyfie and best friends on Sunday. I wore this look out combining 5 products from my makeup stash that I deem my "favorites." -- blog post coming soon!

Until Next Time! :)

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