Saturday, February 7, 2015

3 Ingredient Banana Bread | Sometimes Jowee Cooks

Confession: I reaaallllllllly don't know how to cook. Or bake. I will probably never make or feature anything here that I've concocted on my own, they're all going to be adaptations or copies from a recipe I found online. I'm surrounded by a lot of friends/family that do know how to cook really well so I guess you can call me lucky in that aspect. That being said, I'm a really impatient person when it comes to multitude of things so when I do get excited about recipe's they're usually the most easiest, fool proof & idiot proof type of recipes. I kid you not. (I mean the outside of this banana bread already looks like it's burnt, right? LOL. It still was really good so I'm featuring it!)

Ok, I lied. It's 4 ingredients if you're including the chocolate chips!
Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't add chocolate chips! You can take out the chocolate or keep it in there, add some walnuts -- anything to your heart's content! Please advise: I'm not really saying that this is healthy by any means because banana bread is supposed to be nutritious...It's just really easy and delicious!

The only caveat with this recipe is that you have to wait about a week or so for your bananas to really ripen. I always hoard bananas whenever I do my weekly groceries. If you google "3 Ingredient Banana Bread" you'll basically find the recipe in a multitude of blogs. The one I chose is THIS ONE.

Recipe from Stock Piling Moms:

  • 3 Medium Sized Ripe Bananas (the more bananas the more moist it will be - be careful though!)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Yellow Cake Mix of your choice
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Smash bananas in a large bowl, then add remaining ingredients and mix well (I added chocolate chips, inside the batter and outside after it was poured in the loaf pan)
  • Spray 2 small loaf pans or 1 large loaf pan with non stick cooking spray. ( I used 1 large loaf pan)
  • Fill the pans (or pan) with batter.
  • Bake for 35-40 minutes - you might need to bake longer if using 1 loaf pan. (I baked for 40-45 minutes)

damn, look at that beauty :p

(click to enlarge)
 I hope you enjoy making and eating this recipe as much as I did!
Until Next Time!

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