Monday, February 23, 2015

Let's Do It Again (Acoustic) - J Boog | Music Monday

Happy Music Monday! The weather is all kinds of gloomy today so I thought I'd post one of my favorite easy/happy/sunshine-up-my-butt songs. I love reggae but I've recently ( is 1-2 years recent?) been loving island reggae more and more. I went to Hawaii for the first time about a year or so ago for a company trip with the boyfie and ever since then I've been hooked. I need to remind myself to buy J Boog concert tickets soon! He's playing at House of Blues Anaheim on 4/20 (appropriate, right?). I hope you enjoy!

mammoth elevation 11,060'
PS: I've been slacking recently with posts because I went to Mammoth last week! I went snowboarding for the first time in about 10-11 years and I have all these bruises on my body to prove it. I don't even have a Weekend in Makeup post for this week because my focus was more on trying not to fall for the 1,000th time. Hopefully I can get 2-3 makeup posts going soon! Cheers!

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