Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend in Makeup: 2/13/15-2/15/15

Happy Monday! Happy Discounted Chocolate Day! Happy Hungover Day! I had an awesome weekend filled with lots of laughing + eating. I love post Valentine's Day weekend because I'm still in a state of googly love-eyes (pardon the cheesiness). Here's a couple makeup-y things + random stuff I did this past weekend:

Wore Red Cherry #43's (only $1.99!) for Date Night on Friday...

Took out my oldie but goodie, super natural looking Chanel Bronze Universal (bronzer) for the beach on Saturday...

& decided to do a soft cut crease for a birthday dinner on Sunday.

Click READ MORE below to check out un-beauty related random things that happened this weekend!

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(1) my very first non training wheel bike ride! , (2) What happens when the boyfriend gets frustrated because I want to throw my bike in the ocean , (3) Dinner with the two loves of my life after watching Spongebob Squarepants in the movie theatre , (4) Took my sister out bowling for her first time... love my two valentines :) , (5) Sunday hike with my girlfriend at Potato Mountain in Claremont - lots of shade and gorgeous views! , (6) The most beautiful flowers focusing on my favorite: Lilies

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