Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend in Makeup: 2/6/15-2/8/15

I think It's really funny that the last time I did a "Weekend in Makeup" post was exactly a year ago. This means time flies and I really suck at updating my blog. I obviously want to keep rolling with this type of thing so onward to the pictures!

Used this primer for the first time & it was love at first application on Friday...

Got my hair colored back to black (blonde was fun! but I'm ALWAYS & FOREVER brunette) & Wearing Lorac Pro Palette 2 on my eyes on Saturday...

...& finally organized some of my single eyeshadows on my new Z-Palette's on Sunday.

Click READ MORE below to check out un-beauty related random things that happened this weekend!

I know that this blog is more beauty related but it's also mine and starting this year I'm going to add a few pictures and random things that I did over the weekend -- just for keepsakes :)

(click to enlarge)
what happens when you ask one of the boys to take a picture (1-3), what happens when one gets severely drunk and starts loving everybody in the room (4-5), what happens when we finally get a "decent" picture (6-7), what happens when the bubs and I decide to make our bbq's a weekly sunday funday (8)

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