Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Simple Wing Liner + 3 Bold Lips feat. ColourPop Ultra Satin Lipstick



Any reader of my blog will absolutely know how obsessed I am with ColourPop. There's just something great about having access to wonderful, pigmented makeup products that are around $5-$8. I've featured their Lippie Stix, their blush and now I'm showing just a quick peek of their Ultra Satin Lipstick. Let me tell you, I'm in llloooooveeee with these. It glides on really effortlessly, non-drying, super pigmented and lasts a very very long time. My first foray into these I had only bought 3 of them... and now my total is at 10. I'll try and feature all the colors that I have in the blog soon.

BTW, I'm really not an eyeliner person... just because I have extremely hooded/monolid asian eyes. Most of the time it transfers to the top of my lid, so if I can get away from wearing it I do. When I DO decide to wear a wing liner I don't drag it across the lid anymore.. I just stop at the very edge so it doesn't transfer to the rest of my lids (see pictures to see what I mean).

(click to enlarge)

Until Next Time! :)

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